This is the perfect song to play going into Memorial Day Weekend. I’m currently loving Dan Auerbach’s second solo album, released eight years after his debut solo album. I’ve read a few complaints about the pop-ier direction he has gone in for this album, but I think The Black Keys have always maintained a bit of a pop sensibility despite their retro-influenced blues-rock sound.

Auerbach’s solo albums are little more laid back than the band’s music; more ‘The Lengths’ than ‘Howlin’ For You’. The song has a warm sound that’s heavily influenced by music from the early 70’s, my favorite era of music. To me, this song is all blissed-out sunshine, perfect for the summer days when you have nothing to do but┬álazily enjoy yourself. Dan Auerbach knows how to craft a timeless pop song and that’s alright with me.

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