The first song I ever heard by Wavves was ‘I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl’ and I loved it for it’s punk-y humor and catchy melody. Punk music has always had a kind of self-loathing sense of humor, as it’s roots lie with youthful anarchists who, by their very nature, exist on the fringes of society. Wavves also has the DIY spirit that punk is traditionally associated with, having chose to self-release their first album back in 2008.

I’ve written before about my my soft spot for garage and surf rock and Wavves definitely falls under that umbrella.¬†With their lo-fi fuzzy sound and mischievous lyrics, Wavves are the perfect summer band. Their music always sounds sun-drenched to me and yet this album sounds like a maturation for the band. This song feels a bit different for them, with it’s hip-hop influenced stomping beat and barn burner of a chorus, but I love it all the more for it.

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