I recently heard Cigarettes After Sex’s song ‘Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby’ somewhere and realized I somehow knew all the words without actually being aware of who sang it. I looked up the band and could not believe they had only just released their first album on June 9th because I felt like I had known this song forever. As for their debut album, ‘Apocalypse’ is one of my favorite songs. It perfectly embodies the band’s dreamy, hazy, melodic sensibility.

There is no rational reason that the lyrics “Your lips, my lips, apocalypse” should work. Even writing them now makes me cringe a little bit with secondhand embarrassment to be honest. HOWEVER, I hear Greg Gonzalez sing them within the context of this song and all of a sudden they sound beautiful and heartbreaking to me — such is the power of the band’s ability to create an atmosphere of warmth and the perfect kind of romanticism that borders on melodramatic without tipping over the edge.


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