In all honesty, yellow has pretty much always been my least favorite color, never mind the fact that the majority of my wardrobe consists of neutral colors any way. I always thought that it was a hard color to wear and looked best on darker skin tones. I’m discovering that I was wrong – I just hadn’t found my perfect shade of yellow yet. The yellows I like the most are a bit deeper and more of a golden yellow-orange than purely yellow. They’re more mustard-y than lemon-y — I like to think of them as marigold, after the flower of the same name.


If you’re like me, you may not be ready to slip on a yellow tiered ruffle dress like the Roberto Cavalli one twirling about in Beyonce’s  in the Hold Up video. That’s perfectly alright because there are plenty of yellow items out there from blouses to shoes to bags to even tinted frames. With embroidery being so big right now, you can also always add just a touch of yellow that way. Shop the links below for some of my favorite ways to add some yellow to your wardrobe this Spring.

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