A couple of months ago I was reading a few different lists of the “best songs of 2016” and I have to be honest, outside of the list on Rolling Stone, I was not familiar with many of the songs at all. This song by Angel Olsen was featured on one of the lists I read and I can’t believe I had never heard it before because it’s my ideal mix of lo-fi fi grunge and indie pop. I want more when the track is over, which is something I feel after all of my favorite songs. 

Born in Missouri, you can hear Olsen’s country roots mix with her love for ’50s rock and sarcasm. She varies between being sweet and also being slightly deranged (I like to think of this as an accurate description of myself as well). I love that this song is so forcefully female and yet it sounds like a complete throwback. It’s the kind of song that’s best heard playing out of a jukebox in a dive bar with a beer in hand.

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